Introduction to Ketosis and Ketogenic Diet

ketogenic dietA keto diet is one that is very low in carbs, a diet which turns your body into a fat burning machine. Keto diet comes from that fact that when you deprive the body carbs, it produces small fuel molecules known as ketones, which act as alternative fuel to the body. The body uses ketones when blood sugar is in short supply. Ketones are fuel sources which are produced when you eat very low carbs with a moderate amount of proteins. Normally, the body uses carbs and quickly breaks them down into blood sugar.

Ketones are produced in the liver from fats and they are used to fuel the body including sustaining the working of the brain. The brain is a very hungry organ that consumes a lot of energy during the day. It can’t run on fats only as it needs glucose or ketones.


Ketogenic Diet

Once you are on a ketogenic diet, the entire body switches the utilization its fuel supply and runs totally on fat. This triggers insulin levels to become very low and a fat burning process dramatically increases. This means that your body can easily access fat stores and burn them off. This technique can be very great if you are trying to lose weight. Being on a ketogenic diet comes with other benefits such as feeling less hungry and keeping you highly alert and focused.

While you are on a ketogenic diet, there are things you can eat and those you should avoid. Natural oils such as butter, olive oil and sunflower oil are a great source as they have zero carbs. Fish and seafood are an excellent source of protein and keto diet. Meat is also an excellent addition. Eggs are also good. Cheese and veggies make a great addition too. The most important thing is to try to keep carbs intake below 50 grams, optimally below 20 grams.


What to Avoid

ketoWhile on a keto diet, you should try to avoid foods that have a lot of sugar and starch. This includes foods such as bread, rice, pasta, rice, and potatoes. You should also avoid bananas, potatoes, bread, donuts, chocolate bars, soda, and candy.  When it comes to drinks, you need to stick to water, coffee, tea and some low instances of red wine.

There are a lot of benefits of doing keto diet from weight loss, to increased energy levels and therapeutic benefits. With a keto diet, you can also control your blood sugar, have an increased mental focus, increased energy, controlled blood sugar and cholesterol and well as avoidance of insulin resistance.

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