How to Stick with a Plan Effectively

visualizeWe always start any new project with the best intention in mind. However, it is easy to lose traction and control of our plans. Life can get in the way and we lose the motivation to work towards meeting our goals. Slowly and eventually, we land back to the floor. In whatever you want to achieve, be it a small goal or a complex one, careful planning and discipline are very important and these two may be the reasons behind your success or failure.

There are small changes and thing you can do to your life, to set yourself on route to success. Let’s see what can be done;


You need to visualize yourself achieving a certain goal. Big goals can be a bit overwhelming especially if they require actual lifestyle changes. The good thing about adopting certain changes in your life is that you will feel radically different in a very good way. Whenever you feel your motivation is going low, visualize your goals and ask yourself why you started in the first place.

Do it now

Procrastination is a killer of dreams. You need to weigh on your plan now and not later. It can be tempting to skip a morning workout in admiration of sleeping for a few more hours but in the end, your motivation to work out the next day will significantly dip. You need a high level of commitment and discipline to achieve your goals. You need to rely on pure willpower to do something and try to figure out how the long-term happiness you will gain.

Be accountable

You need to be accountable to yourself for the actions and decisions you make about your life. Additionally, you can try talking to a friend about the things you want to achieve and let them keep you on track to achieving these things. It can be very important to feel accountable to someone else other than yourself. You can try to create the same accountability and motivation among groups. You can join a membership club where you all work towards motivating each other.

Make it smaller


There is no need to create so big goals that are going to make you struggle to achieve them. You can break down a large project into smaller parts and try to conquer each part step by step. Instead of looking for a big motivation to meet your big goals, work on small lifestyle changes that can bring the best out of you. Work on eliminating all the vices that hinder you from achieving your goals.


It can be extremely hard to meet your goals if you are in the wrong environment. You need to surround yourself with success to meet success. Surround yourself with people who question your decisions and actions and make you feel the change when you do not do things the right way. If you surround yourself with people full of negativity, nothing positive will come out from the whole process. If you surround yourself with people who make you spend money lavishly and have no accountability towards your plans, then count success as something that will not happen to you. Surround yourself with people who push you to achieve the best version of yourself.

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