Dangers of Sugar and Junk Foods

Junk food is any type of food that is full of calories and deficient of nutrients.  Junk and fast foods are on the rise due to the ease of preparing them, as well as the low price tag associated with them. On the other end, sugar has a devastating effect on your body. When you take sugar, you spike up your insulin levels, slow metabolism and create a lot of damage to your body. Though we may feel the need to take sugar and carbs, especially when doing intense jobs such as working in https://towtruckfairfax.com/ or participating in intense sporting activities, there are many healthier alternatives we can subject our bodies to and achieve the best in our metabolism.

Here are a few of the side effects of taking sugar and junk foods in our bodies.

Effect on the digestive system

Most fast foods including energy drinks are loaded with a lot of carbs and no fiber. When the digestive system breaks down these foods, carbs get released as glucose to the bloodstream. This leads to an increase in blood sugar. The pancreas must respond to this increase in blood sugar and it does so by releasing insulin. Insulin transport this sugar to the cells that need it for energy. Your body stores or rather uses these sugars and your blood sugar levels return to a normal level.

As long as you are healthy, the process of controlling blood sugar occurs without problems. However, persistent eating of the high amount of carbs can lead to a frequent and repeated spike in blood sugar. With time, these insulin spikes may cause the normal insulin response of your body to falter. This is what leads to insulin resistance causing weight gain and type 2 diabetes.

Sugar and Fat

Many fast foods also have a lot of added sugar. Added sugar means extra calories as well as poor nutrition. Junk foods are also known to have a type of fat called trans fat. Trans fat is common in foods such as fries, pastries, pizza, crackers, and cookies. No any amount of Trans fat is useful to your body, you don’t need even a gram. Eating foods high in trans fat increases your bad cholesterol and lowers your good cholesterol. This leads to an increase in getting heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. The combination of sugar, fat, and sodium also makes foods tastier. However, diets high in sodium can lead to high water retention which makes you feel bloated and puffy after eating.



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