How to Write a Simple Business Proposal

You have started a new tow truck reston va business and you are working to build up your customer base. However, you are wondering how to reach out to prospects who might benefit from your products and services. A business proposal acts to bridge the gap that might exist between you and your potential clients. It works to outline your value proposition and acts as the primary purpose to persuade a company or an organization to do business with you. But before we can get deep into the process of creating a business, let’s understand some key terms.

 What is a business proposal? 

A business proposal is a formal document that is created by a company and provided to a prospect to secure a business agreement. There is a common misconception that business proposals are business plans – that is not the case. The sole aim of a proposal is to sell a product or service rather than the business itself. Instead of assisting your search for investors to fund your business, a proposal will aim to seek new customers. When it comes to business proposals, they are of different types. We have an unsolicited business proposal where you approach a potential customer with a proposal even if they don’t request one. We also have solicited business proposals where a proposal is requested by a prospective client.

 When looking forward to writing a proposal, here are some key things you need to consider.

 Begin with a title page

 Before writing your business proposal, you must understand the business you are writing a proposal for. You need to have a keen understanding of what you are proposing. It can also be helpful to have an initial call or meeting with a new client to ensure you fully understand the problem you are trying to solve as well as objectives. Start with a title page and use the title page to introduce yourself and your business. Be sure to include your name, your company name, the date you submitted the proposal, and the name of the clients you are submitting the proposal to.

 Table of contents

A table of contents will let your potential clients know what will be covered in the business proposal. If you will be sending your proposal electronically, you need to include a clickable table of contents that can jump to different sections of your proposal for ease of navigation. Your table of contents should be simple and basic. Ensure it includes an executive summary, overview, recommended services, any qualifications, pricing, and all terms and conditions you want to work with your prospects.

 Executive summary 

The executive summary details why you are sending the proposal and why your solution should be deemed the best for your prospective client. Just as same as a value proposition, it outlines the benefits of your company’s products and services and how they can offer a solution to the problems your clients might be facing. After they have read your executive summary, even if they don’t read the full proposal, the prospect will have a clear idea of how you can help them with the proposals you are giving out.

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